Make A Breakfast, Lunch Or Dinner Stop In Salt Lake City UT

It is time to head back to the capital city of Utah. That’s Salt Lake City of course, and I have three more restaurant picks for you. Have you already been enjoying yourself in Salt Lake? If so, maybe it is time to eat right about now. To help you get those meals covered, I’m going to give you a place to stop for all three daily meals. Let’s get started with that breakfast spot.

Eggs in the City is a great breakfast place, and you can also count on it for brunch. That is always good for when families are on vacation and are split between who wants breakfast and who wants lunch. Eggs in the City looks like a nice big restaurant, and the Mexican Skillet is one of the signature dishes served up there.

While Eggs in a Skillet doubles as a lunch restaurant, too, I told you of course you get a designated lunch spot as well. If I saw this place in Salt Lake City, I would bust out laughing and have to stop, even without knowing it is a top ranked establishment. It ranks #43 out of almost 1200 restaurants in the city, and it is the name that is so interesting. It’s called the Do Do restaurant, and it is located on East 2100 South. There is plenty of great food there, and what’s funny is this place is a brunch spot, which means it doubles as a breakfast stop.

Each of the first two restaurants could switch and be breakfast or lunch. That is quite common though because restaurants want to stay open longer and make more money. Now, before I close out this article, I owe you a dinner stop for Salt Lake City UT. Try out Beerhive Pub on South Main Street.