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Danhausen: Bryan Danielson is the king of liars, but he has delicious blackberries

Danhausen revealed that the dastardly Bryan Danielson is the king of liars.

Bryan Danielson is a threat. By revealing AEW locker room secrets, such as the backstage flaccid penis talk, and outright insinuating that he’s sexual, Danielson is clearly stepping into every aspect of his life.

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Now the very nice and very mean Danhausen has confirmed another dark secret about Danielson, he’s a dirty liar. Danhausen told Sportskeeda’s Kevin Kellam that Bryan Danielson keeps lying and telling people that Danhausen is incapable of doing a pistol squat even though Danielson has seen him do it with his own eyes.

“Bryan Danielson keeps lying about Danhausen,” said the man with the many bags of cash. He lies to everyone. He says Danhausen can’t do pistol squats, and he can. If you see Bryan Danielson, you tell him Danhausen is looking for him. A pistol squat is when you squat on one leg. He challenged Danhausen, Danhausen did, and now he’s lying to people. He’s a liar. He is the king of liars. He is seated on a throne of lies… Yet he has good blackberries, they are delicious.

Well, Bryan Danielson admitted with his own mouth that he likes to lie because Cody Rhodes taught him that it’s fun to lie, and while Bryan Danielson didn’t talk about the deliciousness of blackberries, he did point out that most fruits are sperm. .

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