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Destiny 2 King’s Fall Raid Golgoroth encounter guide

On August 26, the Destiny 2 community eagerly waited for Bungie to launch one of the game’s most popular raids. The King’s Fall raid revolves around Guardians heading to Oryx’s castle in an attempt to bring it down.

However, before heading to the Taken King, Guardians will have to battle a host of smaller but powerful bosses. The Golgoroth encounter in Destiny 2 is one of them. Since this raid will remain in the game throughout the Season of Plunder, here is a quick guide on how to complete the Golgoroth encounter.

Complete the Golgoroth encounter in Destiny 2 King’s Fall Raid

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Interestingly, this is one of the toughest encounters in the Raid. Additionally, this encounter highlights some truly fascinating mechanics that are only seen in this encounter and nowhere else.

Before moving on to the guide, here are a few pointers Guardians should be aware of:

  • There are a total of seven orbs in the room. Shooting the central orb triggers the fight.
  • Shooting the other six orbs drops a pool of light. Guardians standing in these pools of light will deal additional damage to Golgoroth.

For weapons, Guardians need to make sure they have enough DPS to deal enough damage to Golgoroth during boss damage phases in Destiny 2. With that out of the way, here’s the guide.

As mentioned above, Guardians will need to shoot the orb in the center to start the boss fight. Once triggered, a Guardian will have to shoot Golgoroth in the back, after which the villainous Hive Ogre will fix his gaze on them. The large yellow bag on Golgoroth’s back is the target a Guardian will need to shoot to receive the Gaze of Golgoroth debuff. With the Gaze on a Guardian debuff, Golgoroth will expose its underbelly, revealing a weak point. Shooting here will allow the remaining Guardians to damage Golgoroth without too much difficulty.

To deal additional damage to Golgoroth, Guardians will need to shoot one of the orbs to the side, which drops a pool of light. Guardians standing in these pools of light will take additional damage. For clarity, Golgoroth’s Gaze is nothing more than a debuff that focuses Golgoroth’s harmful rays on them.

Additionally, this debuff can be transferred from one Guardian to another. Whichever guardian shoots Golgoroth in the back will receive the Gaze debuff. Guardians will need to repeat this process until Golgoroth is finally defeated and all six orbs have been depleted.

Tips to remember when entering Golgoroth encounter in Destiny 2 King’s Fall raid

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  • The Gaze debuff has a 20 second timer. After this time expires, anyone standing on the ground in the arena dies.
  • During Contest Mode, a random Guardian will receive the Light Overloaded buff by standing in a pool of light. This buff also comes with a timer. At the end of this timer, the Guardian with the buff should ideally be standing near Golgoroth as it will explode. While this can damage Golgoroth in Destiny 2, it could just kill other Guardians.
  • There is a tablet at the back of the arena with some runes on it. Each time a Guardian dies, a rune appears on this tablet. Once all six runes appear, the entire team clears.

Although this encounter seems quite simple in theory, it is not at all easy in reality. Guardians will need to bring some serious firepower if they want this fight to go short in Destiny 2.

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