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First flight from Czechia lands at King Hussein Airport in Aqaba | Jordan News

Ammon News – King Hussein International Airport in the Aqaba Special Economic Zone received the company’s first scheduled tourist flight (Smart Wing), carrying 190 tourists, heralding the early start of the winter tourist season to the Kingdom. As part of the incentives offered by the Jordanian government to the low-cost aviation sector.

Dr. Nidal Al-Majali, Commissioner for Tourism and Environment of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, announced that with the arrival of the first flight of low-cost scheduled flights to the air crossing ” King Hussein International Airport,” the winter season of tourism has actually started with remarkable and unprecedented strength to the city of Aqaba, as it has witnessed strong demand pressure that predicts high rates. fullness.

Adding that we are very dependent on the next tourist season, which runs from (October to April next year) to bring the tourism sector back to its recovery, which has been exhausted since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic in (March) 2020, especially with the start of the return of tourists on low-cost flights, and the upcoming tourist season is expected to be the most popular, especially among European tourists, because their countries are experiencing a significant drop in temperatures during this period, and since Aqaba has become one of the safe and preferred tourist destinations at this time of the year.

Dr. Majali stressed the need for all hotel and tourism establishments to comply with health safety requirements, improve the quality of services provided and achieve the highest level of maintaining food safety and health procedures in these establishments, noting that the relevant agencies of the Aqaba Economic Zone Authority and the Aqaba Governorate are overseeing the implementation of the procedures, to ensure everyone’s commitment, emphasizing a comprehensive review of the requirements in terms of safety and health at work in hotel establishments, and the necessary legal measures will be taken against the establishment which proves that it is not in compliance, with the need to provide a quality monitor in each hotel establishment.

Dr. Majali pointed out that Aqaba receives tourists from many nationalities and countries such as (Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belarus, France, Greece, Austria, Poland and United Arab Emirates) through airlines to low fares (EasyJet, Ryanair, Wizz Air) in accordance with contracts with the Tourism Promotion Authority. Operate flights to Aqaba, with the support of the Special Economic Zone Authority and the Tourism Promotion Authority, with the aim of attracting tourists.

Dr Majali sent a message to all operators and workers in the tourism sector and citizens of the city of Aqaba, emphasizing that the development of the tourism sector is a collective and participatory responsibility until it recovers again its competitiveness and the importance and vitality of in development, creating employment opportunities and bringing hard currency to the national economy, maximizing the image of Aqaba and providing the best services to tourists, so that the tourist becomes an ambassador of Jordan in his country. Sophisticated and attractive, translating royal directives into reality, because Her Majesty has put everyone before their responsibilities, individuals and institutions, to move them forward.

Translation: Rahaf Noghai, Christena Haddad