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King’s statement on the Senate’s approval of Sweden’s and Finland’s NATO membership

WASHINGTON DC – United States Senator Angus King, a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Senate Observer Group, today released the statement below after the Senate voted by near unanimously to admit Sweden and Finland into the defensive alliance following Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. The vote comes shortly after Senator King joined a bipartisan Congressional delegation to Eastern Europe, Turkey and Finland.

“Six months ago, Vladimir Putin ordered Russian troops to invade Ukraine without provocation, hoping to split NATO and rebuild the Soviet Union. He failed on both counts. The United States and our allies have firmly resisted Russian aggression, reaffirmed their commitment to NATO, and provided Ukraine with the tools to resist Putin’s attacks. Today, the U.S. Senate took a historic step to bolster that resolute response by endorsing the candidacies of Sweden and Finland to join the defensive alliance.

“The addition of these two allies will make NATO stronger and more united in the face of Putin’s misguided ambitions. Combined, Sweden and Finland are a significant boost to the alliance’s defensive capabilities. I saw firsthand the benefits of these potential new members earlier this year, when I visited Finland as part of a bipartisan Congressional delegation shortly after they formally applied to join NATO. . It was clear that the nation and its leaders shared our commitment to promoting democracy, countering Russian aggression and strengthening the international rule of law. I hope both applications will continue to move forward quickly.

“This vote has made one thing very clear: the free world is united against Vladimir Putin’s potential empire-building and is ready to respond against his unlawful and immoral military attacks. NATO, the United States and the US Senate will not allow him to destroy freedom-loving nations; we will stand with our allies, as we have done in the past, united against despotism.