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Prince Andrew ‘lobbied’ to prevent Charles from becoming king, royal insider claims

Shortly after Prince Philip’s death, Camilla was chosen as one of four women – along with Catherine, Princess of Wales, Princess Anne and Sophie, Countess of Wessex – who would try to help the newly widowed Queen recover. feel less alone. They were nicknamed by some the “gang of four”.

Bringing Camilla on board – a woman Queen Elizabeth had refused to see or speak to for years – was a sign that the Queen Consort had survived the bricks, obstacles and insults, and that ultimately Queen Elizabeth accepted for who she was.

Camilla and Prince Andrew

It was obvious that other members of the royal family, notably Prince Andrew, did not want Camilla at the time either. Prince Charles and Andrew rarely got along well except for a short time when they were both married. This is partly because there is usually conflict between the first and second line of succession; he was, after all, the “stand-in” until Prince William was born. Above all, King Charles and Prince Andrew have very different personalities, values ​​and approaches to life.

Queen Elizabeth has sought advice from several people about Prince Charles’ marriage to Camilla, including Prince Andrew. She had always had a soft spot for Andrew, who seemed to have persuaded her to do whatever he wanted. This time, a senior insider told me, he had a treacherous request. “He tried to persuade the Queen to stop Charles from marrying Camilla by being quite venomous, mean, useless and very mean to Camilla.” Her claims included that she was not aristocratic enough and should not be trusted.

The same individual went on to say that “when Diana was alive, through her friendship with Andrew’s wife, Sarah, [Duchess of York] she plotted with Andrew to try to fend off Prince Charles so that Prince Andrew could become regent to then-teenage Prince William.

“It was a dark and strange time, where paranoia came true, and it was a concern. Andrew lobbied very hard with the hope that Charles would not become king when his mother died and that William would bear the crown.

“His behavior was very, very negative and extremely unpleasant to Queen. [Elizabeth], who disagreed. I was told it was one of the rare occasions when he didn’t get what he wanted.

“Nevertheless, he was apparently very angry that he could not lead the country one way or another. He remained so hostile to the emergence and acceptance of Camilla that it is unlikely that she was never forgiven.

Camilla and Princess Anne

Princess Anne also reportedly sent shivers down Camilla’s spine. It was small consolation that Anne also had a frosty relationship with Diana, Princess of Wales, whom she had no time for before marrying Charles nor for Sarah, Duchess of York. His relationship with Camilla was particularly troublesome as they had both been involved with Andrew Parker Bowles.

Like many people who didn’t know Anne well, Camilla found her behavior difficult and somewhat unnerving to deal with. [at first]. Anne was, for many years, opposed to the idea of ​​Camilla being given the title of queen consort. She once said, “Camilla will never be a real queen.”

For years, Anne stayed away from Camilla as much as possible. However, time proved to be a healer and Anne saw for herself how hard Camilla worked for the monarchy and her sense of duty. She enjoyed this and, being one of the hardest working members of the royal family herself, she gradually became more docile.

Camilla and Prince Philip

Camilla’s relationship with the Duke of Edinburgh began coldly. In 1992, the Duke expressed his feelings about Camilla in several letters he wrote to Diana, whom he loved very much. Rosa Monckton and Lucia Flecha de Lima told Gyles Brandreth that they had read the letters with Diana.

He wrote that Prince Charles “was silly to risk it all with Camilla”, and “We [he and Queen Elizabeth] I never imagined that he would want to leave you for her. I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind leaving you for Camilla.