King kingdom

“The King Woman”, “Blonde”, “Don’t Worry Honey” and More

After an uneven summer of new releases, we’re back in the fall with two festivals either happening now or fast approaching, with the Venice Film Festival and Toronto International Film Festival debuting some of the hottest upcoming releases. With part of the festival postponement – both current festivals as well as festivals such as walking sticks and sun dance from the start of the year – there’s plenty more to look out for when it hits the big screens.

The first of two”Pinocchio“The first adaptations this month, plus two of the scariest movies you’re likely to see this year, plus a documentary about the legendary singer david bowie. The release schedule is all over the place, which is exciting for any movie buff wishing to shake off the sometimes predictable summer lineup. These are just a few of the many movies that viewers will be fighting over the next month and, for those who thought maybe the well had dried up on new releases, there will soon be too many to keep track of.

Honk for Jesus. save your soul
Sterling K. Brown and Regina Room star in the first feature film of Adamma Ebo. Written, directed and produced by Ebo, the film is adapted from his 2018 short film of the same name. Brown and Hall play husband and wife as the pastor and first lady of a major Southern Baptist mega-church who, following a scandal, must rebuild their congregation. Our reviewer, who saw the film earlier this year at sun dancecalled it “… a sly, subversive and satirical comedy”.
Release date: September 2 in theaters via Focus characteristics.

The first of two adaptations of this story to arrive this year, “Pinocchio,” realized by Robert Zemeckis and written by Zemeckis and Chris Weitzcaptures an energy similar to other recent live-action disney adaptations. The character design closely captures the animated movie’s creation of the wooden puppet hoping to become a real boy. tom hank stars like Geppetto, with Luke Evans, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Cynthia Erivoand Benjamin Evan Ainsworth as Pinocchio rounding out the cast.
Release date: September 8 to broadcast on Disney+.

The female king
Following her 2020 netflix hit “The old guard,” director Gina Prince Bythewood returns with an all-star cast in “The female king,” directed by Viola Davis. The historical epic drama follows the Agojie, the all-female warrior unit that protected the African kingdom of Dahomey in the 19th century. With a story of Maria Bello and Dana Stevensthe film will premiere this year Toronto International Film Festival. Thuso Mbedu, lashana Lynchand John Boyega also star.
Release date: September 16 in theaters via Sony Pictures.

Good night mom
A remake of the deeply disturbing 2014 Austrian film, “Good night mom” stars Naomi Watts like a mother about to be terrorized by her twins. The film follows the twin brothers, played by Nicholas and Cameron Crovetti, as they arrive at their mother’s house and begin to suspect that something is wrong and that their mother is not who she seems to be. The film is directed by Matt Sobel (“New cherry flavor”) and written by Kyle Warren (“lethal weaponTV series.) Our reviewer called the original it’s based on “Impeccably crafted…”
Release date: September 16 to stream via Amazon Prime Video.

Following the success of this yearX,” director Ti West returns with “pearl”, a prequel of the old horror slasher. mia goth returns to reprise her role as Pearl while sharing a writing credit with West. The film explores how Pearl became the ruthless character audiences encounter as in “X.” David Corenswet, While Wrightand Matthew Sunderland also star. The film will premiere in 2022 Venice Film Festival.
Release date: September 16 in theaters via A24.

The Silent Twins
the lure” director Agnieszka Smoczynska returns with “The Silent Twins” featuring Letitia Wright and Tamara Lawrence. The film is based on the true story of twins who, while growing up in Wales, became known as the “silent twins” due to their refusal to communicate with anyone else, which would lead to possible hospitalization. “Delays” writer Andrea Seigel wrote the screenplay, based on the story of the same name by investigative journalist Marjorie Wallace.
Release date: September 16 in theaters via Focus Features.

Lunar Reverie
With enough intrigue surrounding his character to fill several documentaries, the late musician david bowie receives the documentary treatment with “Lunar Reverie.” Written and directed by Brett Morgen (“Cobain: Editing Heck,” “Joan”,) the film will include never-before-seen footage from the singer’s own archives, including live concert footage. Our reviewer described the film as a “…thrilling way to present a man who defied the shackles of time, whether for genderfuck, his avant-garde lyricism, or his outspoken bisexuality.”
Release date: September 16 in theaters via NEON.

God’s Creatures
normal people” actor Paul Mescal is ready for a big year with its upcoming drama”After Sun“, and, before it happens later in the fall, there is”God’s Creatureswho sees it in a whole new light. Emily Watson and Mescal star as mother and son as the elders fight with her wanting to protect her son with his own morality. The strained character study is co-directed by saela davithe sand “Sections” director Anna Rose Holmer. Our critic who saw the film at walking sticks praised the performance, writing that “…it’s Watson and Mescal’s rich performances that elevate the material.”
Release date: September 30 in theaters via A24.

There’s been no shortage of movies trying to tackle Marilyn Monroeit is legacy, but few have started a divisive comment as quickly as “Blondby the director Andrew Dominica (“what i know to be true,” “Killing them softly.” Ana de Armas (“Knives out“) take it John Norma / Persona Monroe, with a cast that includes Adrian Brody, Policeman Cannavale, Julienne Nicholson, Sarah paxton, and more. With an NC-17 rating, the film, based on the controversial book by Joyce Carol Oatesis a fictionalized version of her rise to fame and the contrast between her character on camera and the demons of her past and present that haunt her in her private life.
Release date: September 16 in cinemas then September 23 via netflix.

don’t worry darling
One of the hottest releases of the coming months,”don’t worry darlingmarks the actress and director’s second feature film. Olivia Wilde following the critical success of his debut, “Library.” A seemingly new version of “The Women of Stepford», the stars of the film Florence Poug, Harry Styles, Chris Pine, Gemma Chan, and more. With a scenario of Kate Silbermanbased on a story by Carey Van Dyke, Shane Van Dykeand Silberman, we’ll have to wait for its next premiere at Venice Film Festival to see if it delivers on the promise of Wilde’s first.
Release date: September 23 in theaters via Pictures from Warner Bros..

Co-written by bowl Eichner and Nicholas Stoler (“college friends,” “Brothersis a romantic comedy about two men with commitment issues who attempt a relationship. Produced by Judd ApatowStoller directs with Eichner alongside Luke Macfarlane like the two tracks. Bowen Yang, Ts Madison, Monica Raymondand jim rash also star. The film will have its premiere in 2022 Toronto Film Festival.
Release date: September 30 in theaters via Universal images.

After: If the above isn’t enough of a list to go through, there are plenty more to come this month. Netflix’s Teen Drama”Revenge,” stars Maya Hawk and “Riverdale” star Camila Mendes like two high school kids trying to get revenge on their bullies from “Sweet/Vicious” director Jennifer KaytinRobinson. “Goodbye Don Glee!is a moving animated project about three teenagers who spend a summer creating memories they will share for the rest of their lives as school threatens to shake their bonds. “Meet cute“, combines the unlikely association of pete davidson and Kaley Cuoco in the next romantic comedy for Peacockwhile “Lou” will see Allison Janey team up with Day Smollett in the thriller Anne Foerster. Bryan Fuller returns with the remake of “The Munsters” and, after having marked the festival-goers earlier this year, “Speak no evilwill unfold in its theatrical release. The surrounding buzz »Barbaric” featuring Invoice Skarsgard promises a surprising fall hit and “God’s Country” a promising showcase for the infinitely talented Thandiwe Newton.